2020 Update

We are currently working to migrate V12UberAlles to a Wordpress site. This will help to serve the following functions:
1. Make the site up-to-date on browser compatability and coding standards.
2. Make the site more mobile and tablet friendly.
3. Allow comments and questions to be asked on writeups.
We are excited to see where things go once this upgrade is complete.
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Welcome Mercedes Benz Enthusiasts!
A site for Do It Yourself repair of the V12 W140 Mercedes Benz.
Articles with pictures describe how to perform repairs and guide you in an easy to understand format.

The purpose of this page is to share repair information with other W140 Mercedes-Benz 600SEL/S600 owners, or anyone else that finds this information useful. Lots of this info applies to all W140 models in general. This page is a work-in-progress, and I add to it as I gather info.

My hope is that the lessons I learned are of some help to those that need it. Keep in mind that there may be better ways of doing what I'll show you. Some of these projects may apply to other W140 models as well, but I can't guarantee that.

Click on DIY Articles to see a listing of repair projects.

Thanks to all the people that have shared and contributed their repair articles to V12 Uber Alles!
It's these people that help make this page a valuable resource to those that need it.
If you have an article you would like to contribute, please contact me. Credit will gladly be given to you.

Please! Always use caution when working on a vehicle. Proper tools and equipment are a must, as are the use of safety glasses and other protective gear. Never place yourself under a car without the car being supported by jack stands or suitable ramps.

Part numbers referenced in my write-ups are for a 1995 S600, 140.057 body and 120.980 (V12) engine.
(Please note that some repair articles are for other year models)

Here is a valuable tip for anyone planning on doing their own work...

I do not claim to be an expert. This site is purely for educational purposes only. 
You assume all responsibility for any work you attempt on your car.
Information on this page is subject to change without notice. All photos in this site are property of webmaster.